Eyestone Substation rev2-8246
Graceview Substation rev1-8228


Lyon and Partners as a company has refined our skills and technical abilities over the past 30 years in terms of Design, Supervision and Project Management of various Electrical Engineering Disciplines and Electrical Engineering Projects.


Our company applies the following approach to all our projects, for rendering professional services which could be summarised as follows:


  • Inception – Establish client requirements and preferences, assess user needs and options, appointment of necessary consultants, establish the project brief including scope clarification, objectives, priorities, constraints, assumptions, aspirations and strategies.
  • Concept and Viability(Preliminary Design) – Prepare and finalise the project concept in accordance with the brief, including project scope, scale, character, form and function, plus preliminary programme and viability of the project.
  • Design Development (Detail Design) – Develop the approved concept to finalise the design, outline specifications, cost plan, financial viability and programme for the project.
  • Documentation and Procurement – Prepare procurement and construction documentation, confirm and implement the procurement strategies and procedures for effective and timeous procurement of necessary resources for execution of the project.
  • Contract Administration – Manage, administer and monitor the construction contracts and processes including preparation and coordination of procedures and documentation to facilitate completion of the Works.
  • Close-Out – Fulfil and complete the project close-out including necessary documentation to facilitate effective completion, handover and operation of the project.